GERD WOLFF - Maßanfertigung
GERD WOLFF - Maßanfertigung

GERD WOLFF Maßanfertigung

Swarf Conveyor

Built in2023
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These conveyors can be manufactured according to the required purposes and
dimensions. As the general structure and belt system, hinged belt conveyors are
long-lasting as long as maintenance is done regularly.
Hinged Belt Conveyors are used to convey a wide range of long, coarse, curled
and crumb type chips from transmission steel, work tool steel, aluminium alloy
metal as well as other materials such as Teflon, Delrin, etc. Hinged belt
conveyors are the most commonly used type of chip conveyors.
These are the systems designed for the purpose of conveying chips coming out of
the production process and separating cutting oil/coolant from the chips.
Hinged belt conveyors can be manufactured with or without a tank to return
cutting oil/coolant to the system.

In our standard production we use four types of chain pitches 31.75 , 38.10 ,
50.80 , 63.50. Chain pitch is decided according to the amount of chips to be
conveyed and the width & length of the conveyor, motor and gearbox are selected
according to the amount of chips to be conveyed per hour. Coolant recycling is
taken into account in this selection.
The conveyor can be controlled from a panel or from the CNC control of a
machine tool by using a socket connection.
Our chip conveyors are manufactured for our sales brand "GERD WOLLF
Maschinenfabrik", by a renowned manufacturer from Turkey.
The pictures are for orientation purposes only and are not true-to-scale
representations of the machine.


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GERD WOLFF Maßanfertigung
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