GERD WOLFF - Magnetbandförderer
GERD WOLFF - Magnetbandförderer

GERD WOLFF Magnetbandförderer

Swarf Conveyor

Built in2023
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Our GERD WOLFF Magnetic conveyors are a versatile solution for the efficient
and damage-free transportation of materials, including dust, fragmented iron
chips, and metal particles.
Due to the non-contact nature of the magnetic carrier, there is no risk of
damage to the pallet, and particularly to the transported product, from contact
with the chips.
It's important to note that the production costs of these conveyors are higher
due to the use of securely mounted neodymium magnets on the pallets.
These conveyors offer customizable control options, whether through the user-
friendly control unit located on top of the equipment or integration with a CNC
workbench via a convenient socket connection.
The adaptability of these conveyors is a key advantage, as they can be tailored
to meet specific requirements, including adjustments to angle, size, and chip-
carrying capacity, ensuring they perfectly align with your unique needs.
Furthermore, these systems are characterized by their robustness, durability,
and the additional benefit of infrequent and straightforward maintenance.
In summary, magnetic conveyors are a reliable choice for businesses looking to
optimize their material transportation processes.
Their non-contact operation, customization options, and robust design make them
a valuable asset across a variety of industries.


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GERD WOLFF Magnetbandförderer
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