GERD WOLFF - Spaenewagen 0,15m³
GERD WOLFF - Spaenewagen 0,15m³

GERD WOLFF Spaenewagen 0,15m³

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LocationEnnepetal - Hall 3
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QuotationFree on truck from location
Priceupon request

Technical data:
Volume: 0,15m³
Weight: 95kg
Condition: NEW
Material: 2-3mm S235 sheet metal
Chip cart type: Automatic transfer with lever
Surface: Powder coated
Feature: Tight, solid and no varnish
Welding type: Argon
Lever function: Transfer with forklift input

Gerd Wolf chip cart is ideal for chips and industrial waste.
Due to the movable rollers it is easy to handle, as well as with the brakes
to position it ideally. Due to the tilt construction, it can be easily emptied
and cleaned. So that it does not roll over during the tipping process, is
a safety chain is additionally attached.
As standard, there is also a drain valve for oil / coolant.
Please note that we offer different sizes, according to your needs from
0,15 - 0,3 - 0,6 - 0,9 m3 are available.


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GERD WOLFF Spaenewagen 0,15m³
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