GERD WOLFF - GLS-160 Hochleistungskreissäge
GERD WOLFF - GLS-160 Hochleistungskreissäge

GERD WOLFF GLS-160 Hochleistungskreissäge

High performance metal circular saw

Built in2023
Control NameSiemens
Delivery Termsimmediately
QuotationFree on truck from location
Priceupon request
Ø 30 - 160 mm
Saw Body
30 Grad Linear Schlitten
sawing motor
15 kW
hydraulic motor
3 kW
Saw Feeding Servo
1,5 KW Siemens
Saw speed
30-120 rpm /min
saw-blade dia.
Ø480 x 2,25 x 2,7 x 50 mm
Rexroth Valve
Pulverisiertes Schneidöl
weight of the machine ca.
5550 kg
required space
3200 x 7600 mm

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GERD WOLFF GLS-160 High-performance circular saw

Introducing the new generation of High-Performance Metal Circular Saws,
seamlessly blending precision and efficiency with German quality.
Our High-Performance Metal Circular Saw machines are setting the standard in
metalworking thanks to their innovative technology, allowing for precise and
effortless cutting of steel of any kind. From 10 millimeters to an impressive
250 millimeters in steel diameter, our machines cut with utmost accuracy within
At the core of these machines are their automatic functionalities, coupled with
an advanced ball screw spindle and an automatic material feeding system. This
combination ensures not only maximum precision but also impressive speed. A
Siemens motor and Siemens PLC screen guarantee reliable performance and easy
Moreover, our High-Performance Metal Circular Saw machines feature a special
system for quick and convenient blade changes. The hydraulic material tension
provides secure fixation of the workpiece during the cutting process.
Additionally, a programmable misting system is integrated to ensure optimal
lubrication and cooling of the saw blade, extending the tool's lifespan.
With our servo and driver technology, you have full control over your
manufacturing processes, allowing you to optimize production and achieve the
highest quality standards.
Choose our High-Performance Metal Circular Saw machines and embrace the future
of metalworking – precise, efficient, and reliable.

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GERD WOLFF GLS-160 Hochleistungskreissäge
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